Wheel Alignment

Is your car is pulling to the left or right direction? Do you have a twisted steering wheel all because of driving speed bumps, kerbs or over potholes?

Then it is time for routine tyre check up and Wheel Alignment!

This can be a serious issue while driving as it will result in more fuel consumption by your vehicle and your tyres can face premature wear while driving. Like any other part of your vehicle, the wheels of your car need proper care and regular attention. Wheels get harmed because of terrible streets and pot openings prompting misalignment. This influences the drive and security on the streets.

We at WTR help you expand the life of wheels of your vehicle by offering many great options of wheel care services.

We are the best experts in car wheel alignment service in the whole city. Here our well-qualified team of experts uses the best equipment and latest technologies to check the issues related to the alignment and fix it. A perfect alignment of your car wheel confirms the Guarantee of the sturdiness of the wheels, a smooth and safe drive and significant investment funds on fuel.

Aside from wheel alignment services, we also provide services like fix punctures and damaged valves for tubeless tyres, car wheel balancing, car wheel repairs and replacements, adjust inflation, perform a check on tyre rotation, check air pressure, and fix all other issues related to the wheels of your favorite vehicles.

We all know that you love your vehicles and their wheels are of the high cost in the market. Therefore, the best option to keep them safe is to keep them aligned. If your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service, or any other tyre issues then don’t take any chance and book your service today!

Why choosing WTR than other service points?

  1. We are equipped with state of the art Equipment to provide you the best service and a satisfactory experience.
  2. WTR team of qualified technicians is fully trained by experts.

WTR offers you a professional wheel alignment experience and ensures you that you are driving safe. You can trust the experience of WTR technicians to get your Alignment checked.