Tyre Rotation

There are many ways to increase the life of tyres and one of them is Tyre Rotation. Being at WTR, the experts of Tyres in Dubai, we can suggest you one of this option of Tyre Rotation Services. This process of tyre rotion is a very simple phenomenon in which the Tyres are changed to its new position in a rotation. To understand it more clearly, the front tyres of your vehicles will replace the rear tyres of the vehicle. But the rear vehicles will change the position when rotated to the front of the vehicles.


The Tyre Rotation services are available for all but a careful inspection by our experts is must.

It must be done under right guidance otherwise there are chances of problems with the tyres after rotation. It has been seen that the rear tyres needs to be in the best condition to make your journey more safer as they bear a lot of stress while driving whe compared to the front tyres. Our experts will examine the applicability of this option.

You can come for this service after every six months or when the vehicle has travelled 8,000 to 10 000 kilometers. This service will ensure you more life of your tyres as they will face the wear equally and will be in condition of travelling more with you. Our Expert Team is ready with the Hi-tech equipments to make your ride more comfortable and secure. Choosing WTR is the wisest option for your vehicle and also the cost efficient way to meet the needs of the vehicle. Rotation of tyrer, if possible will definitely help you to save money and if any fault is detected in the alignment and balancing then our well trained will handle it on time.