Tyre repair and retreading

Why buy new tyres when you can get it repaired at a minimum price.

Buying new tyres is not always the only feasible solutions and when you have a tight budget or vehicle is not in the condition to deserve new ones. We at WTR are providing the most economical services to our customers and if you didn’t tried us yet then you must right now. One of the most favorite services of our valuable customers is tyre repair and retreading. We are available with best quality equipment and right men to get it done for you in a given time.

So what actually Tyre repair and retreading is?

In a language of a layman, this is a process of reconditioning of the tyre and it is highly recommended for the extension of the economic life of tyres of your automobile. Retreading is an important job of our business and we complete it with full grace. It is a fact that a tyre manufacturer designs the casing of a tyre to be consumption of more than one life. We can use the full potential of your tyres by replacing the worn tread. This process is completely economic and environment-friendly solution to meet your needs of a right tyre for your vehicle.

WTR’s retreading scheme is very simple and completely viable. We are providing Tyre Retreading and Tyre repair services to reduce running costs and maximize tyre life for our valuable customers.

This process is a great example of good tyre management. We provide best Quality used casings which can be retreaded up to 4 times. This process reduces scrap disposal costs as well as the Avg cost per hour which are ever increasing.  Hence going with this option will result in cost savings for both the environment and your pockets.

This criterion is scientifically proving and highly cost effective way compared to buying new tyresWe are available with our well-trained expert team and our state of the art equipment for an Efficient and long lasting experience with your tyres.

We love to complete on time hence you will get Re-molding and Retreading within 4 working days.