Tyre Fitting and Balancing

When you are driving, usually between 50 and 70 mph and your tyres are Out-of-balance then you can experience vibrations in your car. A tire is said to be out of wheel balance when one part of a tire is heavier than the remaining part. An ounce of imbalance is enough on the front tire to cause a serious vibration.

Wheel balance at WTR, the expert team of technicians will adjust it on a balancing machine.

Here on the machine spinning of the wheel is attempted to find out which part is the heavier one. The expert will then compensate for the heavy part by suitable treatment usually by attaching a weight on the opposite part of the wheel. You will definitely be surprised to see and experience that how smooth your car will drive after a proper balancing of all four wheels.

If you got some high quality tyres then it can possibly hold the balance easily and the phenomenon of out of balancing will happen very gradually. If you are noticing any kind of vibration which you didn’t felt there the day before then it may be some chances that one of the balancing weights is missing from the tyres. If your observation for the vibration is mostly in the steering wheel of the vehicle then there are very high chances of out of balancing in a front wheel of the vehicle. If you are noticing the vibration in the seat then it is the rear tyres.

As mentioned above the balancing of vehicle must be done properly and if you are not sure about it then let our professionals to help you. They will not only help you to have a comfortable journey but also you will enjoy a safe driving with your family and friends. Our experts can easily spot the problem related to your tyres.


Difference between Wheel balancing and Wheel alignment?


Don’t get confused with both the process as they are totally different from each other. In Wheel Alignment the wheel is turned to an angle to remove the fault and in the tyre balancing the application of additional weight is done to remove the fault. Both of these processes take expert opinion and hence you must go for a regular check up. You can book an appointment as we are available with experienced team and best equipment.