Air Pressure

When you are driving a vehicle you must confirm yourself that your tyres are having right value of Air pressure. This is not just a simple check but it also ensures your safety and on-time completion of the journey. Overinflation and also the under inflation is scientifically risky and not considered safe for driving. Your tyres will face unnecessary wear due to excessive stress and can also deflate due to high temperatures or some other issues. It is always advised to maintain a proper air pressure in your tyres and the vehicle manufacturer also guides you by mentioning the permissible values of Air pressure for your vehicles.

Like every other check up, a regular air pressure checkup is always recommended for a safe and comfortable journey.

We, here at WTR are ready to provide you services related to wheel alignments and also deal with the other issues of tyres of your vehicles.

We invite you for a regular air pressure checkup at our service station to make your ride safer and comfortable than the regular ones.

We are here with an Expert team of professionals and equipped with Hi-tech equipment. Our expert will handle every possible problem with your tyres and will suggest you the possible solutions to deal with them. We are the best and the only cost efficient solution to deal with the regular issues. Do you want to save your expenditure on fuel? Want to contribute to the atmosphere in controlling the amount of toxic CO2 gas from your vehicle exhaust. Do you want to increase the life of your tyre? All these questions will be answered by our experts. We also provide the option to inflate your tyres with Nitrogen.


Don’t Think twice because a regular Air Pressure checkup will save you more money and peace of mind.