Air Pressure

Air pressure in your tyres plays an important role in various things while driving. If you are driving and you have maintained your tires on a right air pressure then you easily save time, money and peace of mind. Didn’t understand how? Let it start in a simple way, securing proper inflation in your tyres is reasonably the single most important component of tire maintenance.


But how will you know what is the right pressure for your vehicle?


When we are talking about tyre pressure in specific vehicles there are a lot of factors of varying nature which are responsible to get the right value of tyre pressure for your automobile. Sometimes it will take some trial and error method you can use. But there are some common rules that can assist you off to a good start.

Here are some usual guidelines, along with a few fables or misconceptions to avoid:


  1. The values of tyre pressure which are usually printed on the tyre by the manufacturers is the are the maximum values and not just a compulsory recommendation. In some automobiles, often in the case of heavier trucks, they are designed to run maximum values of tire pressure when massively loaded. But in the case of cars running on these maximum values is too much to consider.
  2. The tire size and the vehicle also decide the tyre pressure. There is no such thing as an explicitly prescribed pressure for a specific brand and type of tire. You can go with a value of pressure recommended by an automobile expert. But you can’t risk it on your instincts.
  3. Beginning with the manufacturer’s recommended pressure on the frame is a great idea. You also need to check the values of your load index of the original tire. If the values of load index of your new tyre are lower, you will need to attach some extra pressure. If these values of load index of the new tire are greater, you can still pursue with the prescribed pressure.
  4.  Keep an eye on treadwear. If the center of the wheel is wearing on a rapid rate than the edges of the tyre then you must drop the pressure. If the opposite is happening i.e. the edges of the tyre are wearing faster than the center then you must increase the pressure.  
  5. If you have bigger wheels then it is often considered a great idea to add some additional air pressure to your tyres. It will help you to guard them from potholes while driving.