Mission and Vision

WTR is now a well-established brand in the field of Tyre Retail and Tyre servicing business. It is the love of our customers which make us the best brand in the whole Dubai city. The mission of WTR and its staff is to provide the best customer service to our clients. The customer satisfaction is the only vision which it matters to us. It inspires us every time we start a job and we end to its perfection. We know our customers and their possible issues related to their vehicles and hence we are available to provide every possible support to our customers.

WTR is the brand of true vehicle lovers. Come to us with any issue and we will try our best with the best possible solution in your budget. Our soul aim is to provide premium and budget tyres as per customer budget. We also love to help you with every kind of queries related to tyres and their repairs. We are available to provide you free consultation and advice related to any type of Tyres available in the market.

We wish you for a safe and happy journey every time you are driving your vehicle.  We strive to provide a comprehensive service to our customers by advising on the required services and products. We are a complete solution for all your needs related to best Tyres and tyres related services as our whole team awaits to serve you a job with complete perfection and job satisfaction. Our job completes when we see the smile of satisfaction on the faces of our customers.  We are lucky to have a  chance to perform for you and we will be always thankful to all of you for believing us and helping us to expand our services.

About Us

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